Commercial and Insolvency Lawyers Sydney

At Gavin Parsons and Associates we want to know our clients as well as we know our law. We believe that by having a better understanding of our clients' often diverse commercial needs we are better able to serve our clients. This knowledge facilitates our ability to provide well-rounded, comprehensive advice to the Sydney and national market.

We're good at what we do. This means you can focus on what you do.

We have provided advice on thousands of contracts of a diverse nature and experienced many litigious and non-litigious contract disputes. This allows us to be well equipped to advise you on what can go wrong, to protect your interests and minimise the potential for your business being exposed to costly contractual disputes in any facet of business or life.

Whether you're entering a contract or agreement with a commercial trading partner, business partner, supplier, vendor, creditor, debtor, customer, contractor, subcontractor, principal, agent, employer or employee we recommend you obtain expert legal advice from a commercial lawyer from Gavin Parsons and Associates Sydney.

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