April 8, 2020

You have read our article for managing employees of a small business during the COVID-19 crisis. What are the options available to medium and large businesses? What is the new JobKeeper Payment?

As larger employers will be aware, there are differences in employment law which apply once a business has fifteen (15) or more employees. These differences are […]
April 1, 2020

Small Business and the COVID-19 Crisis – What are your options for employees?

Devastating effects are being felt by small businesses across Australia as a consequence of the COVID-19 world crisis. As a small business operator, you have poured […]
February 20, 2020

The tale of a company’s registered office: Small Details, Big Consequences

Like human beings, every company should have a home where it receives support and care. For a company, that home is its registered office. Do you […]
October 28, 2019

Are Your Business Assets Protected?

Asset protection is a topic that should be revisited at every stage of the business life cycle. Your and your business’ priorities for asset protection are […]
June 26, 2019

Irrevocable and Continuing Guarantees v the Bankruptcy Act

All debts and liabilities, present and future, certain or contingent, to which a bankrupt was subject at the date of the bankruptcy, or to which he […]